MAG is just starting to work in Mauritania, establishing relationships in country and launching arms management and destruction projects.

Why we work in Mauritania

The Islamic Republic of Mauritania has faced repeated military coups since its independence but has been slowly developing into a more democratic country.

The lack of adequate infrastructure and procedures to safely store and secure weapons and ammunition in Mauritania can lead to them being diverted from stockpiles to non-state armed groups, fuelling national and regional instability.

Ageing ammunition poses a further threat to populations living close to ammunition depots, as non-planned explosions can occur with potentially devastating effects on civilians.

How we help

Our projects support the safe storage of weapons and ammunition in Mauritania. These include technical assessments at weapons and ammunition storage sites, building and improving armouries as well as training security forces in armoury management.

For instance, we’ve provided secure gun racks and cabinets to store weapons at six police stations in the capital Nouakchott and helped train the storekeepers there.