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Whilst 2020 was certainly not a year any of us were expecting, thanks to your support we have been able to adapt and overcome many of the challenges it has posed. With many of our communities hit especially hard by the pandemic, it was vital that our work continued. From running our risk education sessions online, to introducing COVID-19 safety measures into our work, we have fought to ensure that we continue to help as many people as possible.

I understand how difficult this year must have been for you and our other supporters as well, so your continued generosity during this time has been overwhelming.

From supporting our emergency appeals to watching National Geographic’s Into the Fire film and listening to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal, you have invested your time and money into our work and helped us to make as many areas safe as possible.

Thanks to you, more women, men, girls, and boys, can live free from the fear of landmines.

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