It's hard to be thankful for the food you've grown when the mines which lay nearby present an impossible choice. Risk life or limb to these deadly killers or suffer hunger. It's no choice at all. Often, families struggle to grow enough food when mines occupy fertile land.

You can help to ensure a bountiful and safe harvest for generations to come. By removing landmines and explosive weapons, together we can grant communities, who currently live in fear, access to a safe and prosperous future.

Contact the team at to request your materials and get extra support for your fundraiser. We can provide your school, church or community organisation with:

  • Leaflets
  • Gift Aid Envelopes
  • Posters
  • Stickers
  • Possible volunteer speakers

Meet Ashuta

Ashuta knows what it’s like when feeding your children means risking your life. For decades, she and her family had a good life in Nyolo Village, South Sudan. Then conflict came and forced Ashuta, her husband and their seven children to seek refuge elsewhere.

One day, Ashuta recieved the news they'd been waiting for. The violence had moved on and they could return home to their village. But what they found horrified them. Their home was surrounded by landmines, making it impossible to farm without incredible danger.

“We really needed land so my son cleared some of the mines, but we could only use a small area. I was frightened and life was very difficult.”

MAG visited Ashuta’s home and was able to destroy the remnants of war in Nyolo village. Now, life for Ashuta and her children is safer. They can begin to rebuild their lives, growing an abundance of sweet potatoes, sorghum plants and corn, where once only landmines lay.

“Now MAG has cleared our land, we are very happy. We have our own house and can grow vegetables. If the rain comes in time, we will do very well this year.”

Please support MAG’s Clear Mines, Grow Crops appeal this Harvest and you could help us to reach even more communities like Ashuta’s to give them access to a safe, prosperous future.

Everyone deserves to provide for their family without risking their lives.


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