Fundraising for MAG is your opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives.

Challenge yourself, do something you’ve always dreamed of, meet new people, create opportunities, and do something life-changing!

  • Your opportunity to help save lives


    What do you love to do? Can you turn that passion into a fundraising event? Whether you love the challenge of a marathon or catching up with friends over a tea and cake sale, you can support MAG and together we’ll change lives!

  • Interested in supporting our team of world changers?


    Volunteering is a great opportunity to learn new skills, gain experience, meet new people and help us save lives!

  • Contact us


    You can talk to us on 0161 236 4311

    Email us at

    We truly value and respect your support, however you choose to support us. Because of this we have a Supporter Promise which you can read in full here.

Our donations system is down temporarily and we are unable to process donations.

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