For 30 years MAG has been on the frontlines helping communities recover from conflict.  We've worked in 68 countries to help deliver a safe future for women, men and children affected by violence, conflict and insecurity.

'Every day 20 people are killed or injured by indiscriminate weapons that are the remnants of war. Almost half are children. And yet this terrifying problem can be solved' - Karen Brown, MAG Chair of trustees

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'It is the indiscriminate nature of the anti-personnel landmine, the fact that it is triggered by its victim, that it remains active indefinitely after conflicts cease, which make it different than any other weapon' - Rae McGrath, MAG Founder

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Gallery: Sean Sutton's favourite images from the past three decades

30 years of impact

Landmines and unexploded bombs destroyed


Land released by deminers, dogs and machines


Direct beneficiaries


Weapons destroyed