Working with MAG is more than supporting a charity.

Whether through developing new life-saving products together or empowering staff to fundraise for our work, our innovative partnerships make a real difference to people’s lives.

We harness the passion and expertise of companies and their employees. Our dedicated and experienced staff can help you design an integrated calendar of support, which is mutually beneficial.

See the many ways in which your company can get involved below.

  • Financial donations


    The easiest way to support MAG is by making a company donation. We will work with you to maximise the benefits it brings your company, as well as the people it supports, ensuring that you receive appropriate levels of reporting of how your money is spent. Your business can claim tax relief on a donation to MAG no matter how big or small.

  • Matched giving


    By matching the donations made by your employees, you not only motivate your employees, but also make a huge difference to the lives of those living in conflict-affected communities.

  • Payroll giving


    Offering your employees the opportunity to give through their salary to MAG allows them to donate in a tax effective and simple way. A payroll giving scheme is also simple to set up and administer.

    Your company may also wish to match the donations made by your employees through payroll giving to increase the impact on our lifesaving work. Just £15 could clear 10 square metres of contaminated land, while £45 could field a fully trained and equipped deminer for three days.

  • Sponsorship


    Sponsoring a MAG event, exhibition or publication can be a highly beneficial way to increase brand awareness for your company, whilst simultaneously highlighting your support of landmine and unexploded bomb clearance.

    The award-winning photography of Sean Sutton is one of the key ways MAG seeks to raise awareness of the need for humanitarian mine clearance. These stunning images can be seen in static and moving exhibitions, as well as hardback publications providing some excellent opportunities for sponsorship.

  • Charity of the Year


    Adopting MAG as your company's Charity of the Year can be a great opportunity for achieving CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals, employee development, team building and positive PR.

    From monthly dress-down days and raffles to sponsored events and sweepstakes, we provide advice and assistance and work with you to ensure that awareness of your support of MAG, and the money raised, is maximised. We’ll have bags of fun too!

Partnerships that change lives

Twenty years since Diana, Princess of Wales walked next to a minefield in Angola, Prince Harry made a keynote speech at Kensington Palace on April 4, Landmine Awareness Day. He called on the international community to make a renewed commitment to clear these indiscriminate killers and make a world free from landmines a reality by 2025.

With your support we can save lives and build safer futures in communities affected by landmines and other explosive weapons all over the world. Join us.

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Please help me keep my mother's word.

I have seen first-hand the work of demining field teams in Cahora Bassa, Mozambique and Cuito Cuanavale, Angola and can attest to their discipline, expertise and determination.

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