“I fear for children here. Every day.” 

- Naomi Thomas, Community Liaison Team Leader, Nigeria

In one year, child casualties from landmines and unexploded bombs have increased by more than a third across the world. This is an outrage.

Children in Borno State, Nigeria are at risk every hour of every day.

We have to do more to protect children’s lives. Please donate today.

Dear MAG Supporter,

I recently met a young boy in a village on the outskirts of an area called Konduga. He and four friends were just a few hundred metres from the town when they found an unexploded bomb. They had no idea what it was or what damage it could do. This young boy told me how he watched two of his friends die. He survived but was injured by the blast.

No child should experience this.

Children here have experienced unimaginable trauma. Fleeing their homes to escape abductions, attacks and horrific violence, they leave behind their schools, their friends.

But, still they are not safe.

Families in Borno State remain surrounded by landmines and unexploded bombs putting their lives in danger every hour of every day.

We have to do more to protect children.

I see children rushing to our risk education teams, desperate to get to the puzzles and colouring-in sheets we use to teach them about landmines. They really throw themselves into the drama and songs that we use to embed safety messages in their minds.

There is something even more powerful we can use to make Nigeria’s children safe – but we urgently need your help.

In Lebanon we’ve pioneered the use of theatre and have seen how a puppet show can captivate children so much that afterwards they can recall the safety messages that keep them safe from landmines. Puppet shows save lives.

Imagine if children in Nigeria could also be taught through life-saving theatre. A puppet show would have all the children in a community flocking to see it, hearing the messages which can keep them alive.

Will you give a gift this Christmas and bring these special puppets into the lives of thousands of children in Nigeria, keeping them safe from danger, now and for years to come?  

Thank you


Naomi Thomas

Community Liaison Team Leader

PS. A gift of £61.06 could pay for a member of our team for two days, delivering these life-saving lessons in often hard to reach areas and helping to protect children who are most at risk.  Please donate today.