UK Aid and MAG: How British taxpayers are saving lives and rebuilding livelihoods around the world

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Home Safe Home

Across the Middle East, thousands of landmines and unexploded bombs lie ready to maim and kill at any moment. They are often found in and around people's homes where children live and play. Using highly trained staff and special machinery, MAG teams find and destroy these hidden killers before a child does. Donate today to our Home Safe Home appeal to help make people's homes a safe place once again.

UK Aid Match

Doubling donations with UK Aid Match

Give before 4 July 2019 and all public donations to our Home Safe Home appeal will be doubled by the UK government. Matched funding will help us clear 21,000m2 of land from unexploded bombs and landmines in Lebanon, while public donations will support our wider work in other conflict-affected communities.

UK Aid Match

Give today and the UK government will double your donation!

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